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Game Design Process:

Anthony, Eric, and I were given the task to design a game that used coins and had to be played with one hand. A very interesting challenge. I think that we tackled this task extremely successfully.

We started by brainstorming and making lists, of games we knew that involved coins. We decided that the most successful coins games, were ones that we similar to sports. We all agreed that a coin based version of Shuffle Board would be great.

We drew up a game board prototype on some notebook paper, and started playing with some coins we had in our pocket. We then had an idea! What if each coin had a specific property attached to it. This would include our one-handed rule that we were given. We decided that there would be some coins with handycaps, and others with bonus points.



We then got user test our game with some of the students in another section. Because we had our directions written out, we didn’t need to explain anything to them. They played the game almost exactly as we had wanted! How fantastic! There were however a few questions about our rules that arose in the testing. “Was 100 points too high of a goal?”, “What should be the maximum and minimum amount of players?”



We were also given the task of using the laser cutter here to help with our prototype. We laid out the entire game board, coins, and rules to be cut out on masonite. It looks AMAZING! Also, the material helps the coins slide.


First of all I love the TED talks. They are always so inspirational, and so informative. It is great to hear amazing speakers (who are in my industry) speak about amazing things.

Tim Brown’s talk about the importance of creativity and fun in the workplace and in our lives was so wonderful. It’s true that as adults we judge our own ideas, and censor them. This inhibits us from freely generating concepts. I feel that as we get older we think more and more “inside the box”, mostly due to fear. But if we are constantly encouraged, but our peers and our environment, the possibilities are endless.

CODE: Assignment 8

Psuedo-Code for Final Project

Create a time-lapse image:

1. Connect camera to computer

2. Detect camera

3.Open window which displays picture

4. Save image

5. Print image with 50% alpha channel

6. Save another image a half second later

7. Print image with 50% alpha channel

8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for 60 seconds.

9. Save final image as a high resolution .jpg

photography examples:



In reading The 12 Principles of Animation it seemed that all of these animation techniques seemed so obvious. Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas talked about how a lot of these methods were not very obvious during the early days of animation. Through experimentation and time, eventually these principles were developed.

When reading through them, they all seemed so self-explanatory. I wonder if background in dance and choreography has something to do with this. It could be that dance is almost like live action animation.The principles that I think relate the most were staging, follow through, and timing. It could be that dance is almost like live action animation.

WEB: Assignment 5

Moving closer to designing a functioning CSS-styled site. It is going slowly but surely. I don’t really care for the way my site is looking yet, but right now I am trying to get a candle on the html/css before I go ahead and trying to be creative visually.

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