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CODE: Assignment 8

Psuedo-Code for Final Project

Create a time-lapse image:

1. Connect camera to computer

2. Detect camera

3.Open window which displays picture

4. Save image

5. Print image with 50% alpha channel

6. Save another image a half second later

7. Print image with 50% alpha channel

8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for 60 seconds.

9. Save final image as a high resolution .jpg

photography examples:



CODE: Assignment 5

Below are links to my two different programs written over the weekend. Damn they took a long time!

The first one has simple user interactivity.
Clicking the mouse lets you draw black circles.
If you press “G” you will see a square which changes color with every mouse click.
Press any other key to return to drawing the circles.

Link to program

The second program is a drawing application.
Press “R” to change the color to red.
Press “G” to change the color to green.
Press “B” to change the color to blue.
“S” and “C” toggles the brush between square and circle shapes.
The UP and DOWN arrows increase and decrease the size of the brush.
The RIGHT and LEFT arrows increase and decrease the alpha channel of the color.
DELETE clears the canvas.

Link to program

CODE: Assignment 4

So tonight was my first attempt as using Processing to draw and animate objects.

My first program just draws a simple picture. The objects are are proportionate to however large the canvas size is set to. You can check it out here!

My second program animates a ball which is constantly changing color at random. The ball bounces back and forth. There is another ball, whose position is based on the mouse location. You can check it out here!

CODE – Assignment 2

Fractal Tree
The aesthetic of this particular example is absolutely beautiful. I love how visually complex the image of the tree is, while the functionality remains so unbelievably simple (moving the mouse right and left).

The movement involved in this example is great. The continuous looping of everything getting “sucked down” into the center is hypnotizing. It’s almost as if I could just stare at it forever, but if I stare at it for too long I’ll get really dizzy!

The thing I like most about this particular example is the way in which the physics of the balls and chain react to the users interaction with the mouse. Both direction and speed of the mouse effect the way in which balls relate to the space and each other.

CODE – Assignment 1


How to Get a Kiss:

I. Go outside (assuming that you are inside)
A. Go to door of building
1. Open door
a. Push
b. Pull
B. Jump out nearest window
1. Surivive
2. Hurt yourself
a. Call 911
b. Just deal with it
3. Die

II. Travel to a park
A. By foot
1. Walk
2. Skip
3. Run
4. Gallop
B. By public transit
1. By subway
a. Red Line
b. Green Line
c. Yellow Line
2. By bus
C. By bike
1. Wear helmet
2. Dont wear helmet

III. Search for someone to kiss
A. By their looks
1. They are attractive
a. great
2. They are not so cute
a. look again

IV. Kiss them
A. Get kissed back
1. Kiss again
2. Blush
3. Tell all your friends
B. Get smacked in the face
1. Cry
2. Weep
3. Tell all your friends