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So I’m not quite sure where I went while I was making this piece, but I went on some sort of journey thats for sure. The piece is far from complete, but it was important for me to get a fuller sketch of the overall narrative arc. I am looking forward to taking the time to really look at the character animation, and finesse all the motion much more deeply. But for only having two weeks to work on this, I think I have a pretty good start.

Thanks to a great semester!

My idea behind this final piece is a Renaissance ball gone slightly off kilter. I am really interested in mixing different textures and mediums in this piece. I found this amazing photographer on flickr, who does these nighttime shots of abandoned and dilapidated buildings. He then lights up the space with highly saturated colors, giving the shots these eerie and surreal feel to them. The shots also really lend themselves to be “sets” in my animation, because they have an amazing sense of depth. There are also staircases and doorways which can allow the characters to enter and exit. I asked the photographer if I could use his work in my piece and he was actually very excited to see what I come with.

I want to contrast the photographs with the use of 18th century illustrations. My idea is to for all these different women to be appearing from these environments to attend a ball. They descend from the staircases, appear from the doorways, and potentially even climb through the windows. Finally when they all arrive in the giant hall they will all dance! I want to use the dancing to create patterns, almost like when you view synchronized swimming from above. I am envisioning lots of concentric circles and traditional ballroom dance patterns to create the movement in the final part of this piece.

Here is my not so well drawn story board:

Here is my color pallet:

Here is my style frame:

Here are two different inspirational videos:

Potential Music:

Ben Harper – Power of the Gospel

Beruit – The Gulag Orkestar

so after a lot of consideration i decided that for this project i am going to make a title sequence for this mini documentary that i am making. it is about a calligrapher and letterer, so it seems very appropriate that i would take extreme care in creating a kinetic text title sequence.

i am really interested in using letters as shapes that construct space, and using them in a 3D environment, and i am also really drawn to the texture and movement of ink.

below are two inspirational videos:!Tech2008-Open/

here is my storyboard and color scheme:

here are 2 test animations that i made:

and my music:

Classical Connect – Free classical music online

something that i would really like for christmas…i mean to learn in class:

1. PARTICLES!! and maybe some other AE Plugin’s
2. How to create characters that have realistic movement (i guess a deeper look into the puppet tool)
3. creating “3D” environments in AE
4. looking at the integration between AE and FCP
5. exporting
6. other industry standard software used in motion graphics

k. thanks santa!