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Rehearsal Shots

We are starting to look at really developing an environment for the piece. Below are some shots that Chris took in rehearsal today.

Molly and Me

So the past two rehearsals I spent working on some new material with Molly. We developed a new movement phrase which will be used as the basic vocabulary for her duet with Veronica. After setting the material, we developed 3 different variations on it. Each has a different dynamic and emotional texture. Playing with the idea that Molly’s character is constantly trying on new skins, we created these variations to link with the different personalities that she tries on.

04.05.10 : Molly Phrase Original from Adam Scher on Vimeo.

04.05.10 : Molly Phrase Version 2 from Adam Scher on Vimeo.

04.05.10 : Molly Phrase Version 3 from Adam Scher on Vimeo.

04.05.10 : Molly Phrase Version 4 from Adam Scher on Vimeo.

Adam’s LED tracking

Adam Dancing – Tracking from Adam Scher on Vimeo.

For my section in the piece we are looking to use motion tracking to create live visuals. What those visuals are exactly, is still yet to be determined, and how we will track my movement is still in the works. For this specific rehearsal we used an LED light strapped to my chest. We used a processing sketched which measured brightness to track my movement and projected the floating bubbles.

Full circle maybe…

“The National Office of Emergency raised the number of displaced people on Sunday to two million.”

-NYT, Feb 28, Frantic Rescue Efforts in Chile…

In today’s rehearsal we wrote about what displacement means to us.  I spoke about how being a first generation Peruvian-Chilean women in NYC has displaced me from a culture and ethinicity in all respects.  Now my mother’s home country is experiencing its own version of displacement-terremoto (spanish for earthquake).

The earthquake in Haiti was a very present note of inspiration at the beginning of this process.  It reminds me of the ’89 earthquake in the Bay Area, CA.  Earthquakes as a means of reminders that displacement can happen at anytime and can be totally out of your control.

In conversation with my adviser about this project, she directed me to check out The Builders Association. All of their work highly integrates multimedia and performance. In addition all of their content is socially based, making commentary on the world we live in.

I highly suggest checking out their site, and looking at their past work. It looks truly amazing.

The Builders Association