In scouring the internet, and also being sent things from people who know the direction my thesis is taking, I found several different projects that I feel relate in some way to the work I’ve been making. I figure there is no point in keeping them to myself, so I might as well post to my blog. Even if nobody reads it.

Christophe Behrens :: Compression Series

Digital artist, Christophe Behrens, worked on a piece almost 10 years ago entitled Compression Series. Interested in compression algorithms, Behrens developed a series of portraits that celebrated the pixelated compressed images on the web. The project was an investigation in web standards, and using a text editor to modify and manipulate the image data. I am interested in the final aesthetic chosen for this work. The notion of pixelated images, generally have negative connotations of poor quality and little detail, but those are the exact metaphors I am looking to explore in my own work. Also, I am interested in learning more about manipulating images with programs other than image editors and am currently doing more research about those topics.

William Basinski :: dlp 3

Musician and composer William Basinkski digitized a series of old cassette tapes, capturing the sound a deteriorating medium. Due to the age of the tapes, much of the information had disintegrated, leaving Basinkski with a literal translation of decay and mortality. I love this notion of capturing a real process in life that translates itself quite literally without being cliche. The sounds are haunting yet beautiful, mirroring the cycle of life.

Ishac Bertran :: Linyl

Bertran set out to design a record that would play “memories” instead of music. He developed a system where a color pallet was extracted from a specific photograph, then turned into a pattern which was printed on the record. These colors were then analyzed to generate music. While I love the idea of creating audio based on memories and/or images, I felt that the sounds produced were not abstracted enough. They felt almost too melodic. I also feel like it would be interesting to see the images that the records were derived from. This way we could compare the feeling of the memory/image to the sound of the record.

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