How can someone’s existence in a certain place be documented and revisited? I believe this is one of the core questions of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s interactive installation Under Scan. Installed in a public plaza, Lozano-Hemmer sets up an elaborate system of cameras and projectors to create this interactive experience. As people walk through the space, the cameras are able to detect the public’s movement. The program is able to predict where people will be in the future and places projections within their paths. Portraits of other people are scaled and aligned to be displayed inside the shadows of the public. One is then able to explore the space, looking for the “hidden” projections of other people.

The installation is dependent on its viewers to activate the space. I find this idea exciting, engaging a dialogue through the relationship between the viewer and the media. In addition, the interaction encourages the audience to question the space and people who have occupied it previously. Information about the past is learned through present exploration.

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